Reasons to Consider Automating Your Home

Home automation is all about convenience, comfort and home security. A favourable lifestyle that allows you to exert less effort and gain maximum efficiency. It is an amazing technological advancement that allows gives you full control over your home lighting, heating and power. A smart home system is a setup that brings you convenient and comfortable control to your fingertips.

With home automation, you will have full control over your lighting, entertainment components, appliances, heating devices, air conditioning, communication, security and more! Manage all of your home lighting and electronic devices from anywhere, remotely and automatically. That’s a smart home has to offer.

smart home

Benefits a Smart Home Has to Offer

There three major benefits you can get from converting your house into a smart home, great benefits that every homeowner wishes for. Not only that your house will be cool and state of the functionality, but you can also consider it a lifetime investment.

  • ConvenienceSmart home systems are installed to provide extreme convenience by saving time and effort through setting up automatic home routine functions. A system that automates home functions such as setting the thermostat, turning lights on and off, opening of garage doors, closing curtains, watering the lawn and more!
  • Savings Potential– Having full control of your home functions and electronic devices you will have the opportunity to lower your energy consumption and electricity bills. Most home automation systems will allow you to monitor your energy consumption that will enable you to eliminate wasted energy.
  • Security– Taking advantage of the fast moving technology for a safer living environment and healthier lifestyle. With home automation, you will have the benefit of monitoring your home from anywhere and everywhere. It also offers automatic security alarm systems that will make your home much more secured.

What’s Inside a Smart Home?

Converting a house into a smart home is fun and exciting, it opens a whole world of possibilities that will make your everyday life easier. Possibilities limited only by your imagination and with a touch of creativity and thorough planning, you will achieve an extremely convenient lifestyle and save money. Just make sure to start slowly, build up your preferred system and think of new ways on how to incorporate your new projects with the system. It’s just like building your empire!

Having A Home Automation System Installed

With a Smart Home System installed, it enables you to program an intelligent central command centre that will allow your entire home to operate automatically. A central command centre that will serve as the brains of the operation of your smart home. Manage and monitor your lighting, heating and electrical devices. Once the system is properly installed, it will operate on its own referring to the settings your preferred. You also have the option to operate your system manually using handheld remote controls, master switches and user-friendly keypads or touchscreens. You can even run your entire home using web-enabled gadgets from anywhere as long you have internet access!

Full Control Over Lighting and Electronic Devices

Remote lighting control

  • Turn lights on or off and set dim levels from anywhere, wirelessly operate indoor and outdoor lights without new or extra wirings!
  • Set up lighting sequences and scenarios to fit any mood, occasion or event.
  • Create and store personalised settings to program the entire lighting scenes. For example, you can activate an “At Home” security mode to simulate occupancy when you’re not at home or set a “Home Theatre” mode that has your preferred dim levels.
  • Use a variety of sensors to trigger your lighting and appliances. Sensors that will automatically turn the lights when it gets dark.
  • Install and integrate motion sensors in hallways or pathways, where the lights will automatically turn on when someone enters then turns off when the area is empty.
  • Install sensor on the driveway that will automatically turn the lights and open garage.

Home Surveillance and Security

Another great thing about home automation system is the fact that it will give you peace of mind. As an excellent system that provides you with a better and fortified home security, you will be confident that your entire family is secured as well as your home and assets. With a huge range of products home security products you can use to integrate with your smart home system, you will find a vast range of options on how you can set up your efficient and personalised home security.

  • Integrate sirens with Smart Home system to scare intruders and alert neighbours and authorities in case of fire or burglary.
  • Incorporate the use of smoke detectors to your home automation system to protect you and your family from fires.
  • Control electronic locks using your smartphones, tablets and other web-enabled devices.

Using Sensors to Boost Home Security

Sensors are excellent devices that you can use to enhance your home security. These devices can detect motion, the level of light, temperature and more. They are ideal devices that you can use as alarm triggers and more!

  • Motion detect sensors can be installed on ceilings, walls, outdoors and more.
  • Integrate door and window sensors with your security system and use them as automation sensors at the same time.
  • A glass break sensor will alert you if one of your windows is has been broken.
  • Use perimeter sensors to alert you once your property line has been crossed.
  • Use motion sensors on your driveway to alert you when visitors arrive.
  • Light sensors can be used as automatic triggers for your security lights when it gets dark.
  • Flood sensors can be used as triggers to shut down water supply in case the water heater breaks and other plumbing incidents.

Using Cameras and Videos for Home Surveillance

Security camera

  • Use various styles and sizes of cameras to monitor your home and it surrounding areas
  • Check your home from any web-enabled device from anywhere with web access
  • Cameras can be installed on the front and back doors to see who’s knocking
  • Recorded digital videos and timelapse keeps log of what happens on your home
  • Cameras allow you to keep watch on different areas inside and outside your home.

Central Structured Wiring

A structured wiring system, also known as “Connected Home” is a network that connects all of your home systems in a main central location. It’s a wire management system that features a control panel in a centralised location and uses high-quality wires connecting to various outlets throughout your home.

This “connected home” system is a network that distributes the fastest, most reliable high-speed internet throughout the area or house. It uses hard-wired connections that will provide you crystal clear videos, high-frequency audio and extremely reliable internet and online gaming experience.

Use wall-mounted or in-ceiling wireless access points to create your hotspot. Expand your Wi-Fi coverage with a seamless installation look that perfectly fits your home design.

Use plug strips to protect your cable connections, computers, phone and fax. Protect the entire electrical system of your home using whole house surge suppressors.

Home Theatre and Entertainment Features

Upgrading your house into a smart home will also transform your entertainment system. Excellent high-frequency audio and personalised lighting moods will surely give you an excellent movie and sound experience.

  • Benefit from the whole home distribution system where you distribute music throughout the entire home from one location.
  • Individually control speaker volume of different rooms from a single remote control.
  • Enhance your outdoor entertainment and choose from a variety high-end speakers and subwoofers that will suit your taste.
  • Use wireless audio distribution system throughout your home, without running any wires!
  • Utilise HDMI and IR technology as distribution components to expand your home theatre.

Enhanced Communications

  • Upgrade your standard landline phone into a state of the art telecommunications system for your home.
  • Integrate your cell phone with your phone at home with ease.
  • Answer the door any of your home telephones or even your cell phone.
  • Set up an intercom system to communicate with your family throughout the house.

Extreme Comfort and Convenience

Environmental Control

The thermostat is a device that controls everything, from comfort all the way cost. You can set your thermostat by occupancy or scheduled time, depending on your preference. It also offers multi-zone control feature, and it can be remotely operated.

Control Over Windows and Drapes

  • Program your curtains to close on a specific schedule or remotely operate them via remote controls. You can also make use of sensors to automatically close them ones the sun is shining directly in. It’s the perfect and ideal natural energy saver.
  • You can operate windows using wall-mounted switches, remote controls or automate them using sensors. Automatically close them when it’s raining.

Centralised Vacuum System

One of the most efficient ways to clean is by using a central vacuum system. It’s a system that has vacuum motor installed in a convenient location such as garage or workshop. The motor is connected to wall tubings which are linked several wall inlets in each room. It’s a very convenient way of cleaning.

Irrigation System

Home automation allows you to operate your irrigation system on your set schedule or event.

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