LightwaveRF Double Power Socket – White

Technical Details:

  • Model Number:JSJSLW270WH
  • Dimensions:8.8 x 15 x 3 cm
  • Item Weight:260 g
  • Finish:White
  • Voltage:230V
  • Load:3000W
  • Radio Frequency:433.9 Mhz
  • Maximum Controllers:6
  • Package Inclusions:1 x LightwaveRF Double Power Socket


The LightwaveRF Power Sockets are high-end power sockets that look and function like any other standard high-class wall outlets designed to have an additional built-in LightwaveRF technology. With this state of the art technology, you can now remotely operate your electrical devices plugged into these sockets using remote controls and wire-free switches. The built-technology will also allow you to operate these power sockets using a smartphone, tablet, PC or other smart gadgets anywhere in the world with web access and the Web Link. With a Socket Locker, a handheld remote, you can lock power sockets or isolate them and prevent them from being manually turned off or on. A safety feature ideal for power saving and prolonging the life of your appliances.

With the amazing LightwaveRF technology, you can wirelessly control your home lighting, electrical and heating devices from a smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet or PC. Set up and store lighting moods or scenarios, remotely control the heating for each room, program heating and lighting routines, boost your home security and create personalised profiles that will fit your lifestyle. Not only that this home automation system will make life easier for you, but it will also allow you to save energy and reduce electricity bills.

Another best thing about this Double Power Socket is that it is also installed the same way how any other high-class standard wall socket. It does not need any extra wiring or cable, and it only needs a screwdriver. It fits into the standard 25mm or 35mm back box, and it is pretty to install.

Note: To control this power two gang power socket using a web-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, laptop or PC, you will need to have the LightwaveRF Web Link which sold separately. The Web Link is the device to be connected to your home router to communicate with the App and link it to your devices.


Product Features:

  • Remotely controlled power socket that functions the same way as a standard one
  • Energy saving intelligent power sockets that can be wirelessly operated
  • Quick and easy installed standalone module that can be integrated with others
  • Wirelessly control from anywhere using smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iPads or PC
  • Available in white, black chrome, stainless steel and chrome finishes
  • Fits into a standard 25mm or 35mm back box with no extra wiring required
  • Saves tremendous amount of energy to reduce electricity bills
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