LightwaveRF – Sockets

LightwaveRF Remote Control Sockets

The LightwaveRF range of power sockets are ultra slimline designed single and double power outlets that come in white, stainless steel, black chrome and chrome finishes. Intended to provide a seamless installation, these power sockets are easy to install and fits into the standard 35mm back box. They use the old existing home wiring circuits and don’t require any extra cables. Designed with a built-in LightwaveRF technology, you can operate and control remote control sockets using a LightwaveRF handheld remote or wire-free switch, you can also manage these power outlet via the LightwaveRF App. Using the “Socket Locker” remote control, you will have the option to lock all WiFi sockets to protect your appliances and devices from being manually switched off. A great feature that may prolong the life of your appliances.

These state of the art power sockets are built with a built-in LED status light to show if the socket is on or off. Each unit of LightwaveRF power socket offers full wireless control as well as ‘all-off’ and group control feature that allows them to be more flexible. Fully compatible with any of the LightwaveRF remote controls, you can control these power sockets wirelessly. You can also operate these power sockets through a smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, PC or laptop.

These are plug and play adapter sockets that do not require any rewiring to provide easy installation. All you have to do is to plug them into an existing standard power outlet, and you will have instant control on power. You can also group these sockets for a more personal touch. Each LightwaveRF remote control socket is fully mains rated at 13 amps and fully approved to BS 1364. These power outlets are capable of taking up devices rated up to 3000 watts.

To be able to use the ‘socket lock’ facility, you will have to get the LW103 socket locker or use the LightwaveRF App that requires the Lightwave Web Link, the device that relays the commands from the app to the Lightwave devices to carry them out. Without these, you won’t be able to activate the ‘socket lock’ facility to protect your devices from being manually operated.

The LightwaveRF home automation system won’t be controlled globally without the Lightwave Link; it is the key device that connects the LightwaveRF App to all of the devices on the network. Without this device, users won’t have the benefit of controlling all of their home functions using their smartphones, tablets, PC and other web-enabled devices.

LightwaveRF is an amazing smart home technology that offers affordable and efficient products that enable homeowners to have full control over their power, lighting and heating functions. It is also a system that provides the homeowners with a detailed information on how their devices consume energy. Allowing them to make the proper adjustments to save energy and reduce electrical bills. As the cheapest option to achieve home automation, LightwaveRF is a proven and efficient system that promises a lot of great things, making them one of the leading and reliable smart home systems in the market today.