LightwaveRF Smartphone Wi-Fi Web Link – White

Technical Details:

● Model Number: JSJSLW930
● Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 3 x 10.1 cm
● Item Weight: 218 g
● Colour: White
● Voltage: 12V
● Radio Frequency: 433/868Mhz
● Max Unique Channels: 240 (433.9 Mhz), 80 (868 Mhz)
● Max Mobile Users: 12
● Package Includes: 1 x LightwaveRF Web Link
1 x Ethernet Cable
1 x Power Adaptor
1 x Installation Manual

The new JSJSLW930 Connect Web Link from LightwaveRF is a gadget that allows you to monitor remotely, control and manage all the devices connected to your LightwaveRF network with a single command centre at or away from home. Lightwave Web Link connects to your home broadband Wi-Fi router allowing you to remotely manage, monitor and control all of your devices through a smartphone, tablet, PC, iPhone or iPod Touch. With this device, you can access your home automation network and control every electrical and heating device as well as light anywhere in the world as long as you have web access. The LightwaveRF JSJSLW930 Web Connect Link is the device that receives the commands you input on the App or Website then passes them to all the devices linked to the network for them to carry out.

From your office or your friend’s house, you can use your smartphone or tablet to turn on your security lights or heating devices. With the user-friendly LightwaveRF PC, tablet or smartphone app, you will have a full range of great customisable settings such as moods, sequences and timers to allow you to create personalised profiles you can apply to your smart home system. Control the heating system, lighting sequences, home security and more features anywhere and anytime you want! JSJSLW930 Web Link is a very straightforward “plug and play” device that does not require any complex installation and wiring process. All you have to do is to plug the Lightwave Link into your home broadband Wi-Fi router, push the power button, wait for it to sync and self-configure then you are ready to go!

How to Install LightwaveRF JSJSLW930 Wi-Fi Web Link

LightwaveRF devices are designed for quick and easy installation, no extra wiring and complex installation process needed. To install the Lightwave Link, simply connect the device to your home broadband router using the Ethernet cable included on the package then plug it to the main for power. Wait for the Web Link to self-configure for a few minutes then you can set up the rest of the devices and link them to the Web Link to gain control from your smart devices.

Product Features:

● Ideal for saving energy, boosting home security and reducing electricity bills
● Very simple plug and play device (just plug into any standard wireless broadband router)
● Remotely control and manage all LightwaveRF devices over the internet or GSM network
● Control lighting, heating and electrical devices from any part of the world with web access
● Use PC, Tablet, Smartphone, IPad or iPhone for instant control (not included)

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