LightWaveRF Lighting Inline Dimmer 250W – White

Technical Details:

● Model Number: JSJSLW831
● Dimensions: 13.5 x 6.5 x 3.7 cm
● Item Weight: 77 g
● Color: White
● Voltage: 240V
● Radio Frequency: 433.9 Mhz
● Load: 250W
● Maximum Controllers: 6

LightwaveRF Inline Switches are devices that allow you to control mains devices such as curtains, gates, garage doors and large lighting circuits, giving you more control and options to personalise your home automation. The JSJSLW831 is an inline dimmable relay switch that enables you to operate and dim large lighting circuits at home. It is a relay switch allows you to remotely control or manage these large lighting circuits using various web-enabled devices such as iPhones, iPads, smartphones, tablets or PC. Combined with a master wall switch, this relay switch will provide plenty of great options and enable you to operate more complex lighting systems.

The JSJSLW831 Inline Dimmer is a switch that will enable you to operate and dim LED lights or Halogen lamps up to 250 watts. Featuring a rotary switch, you can use this inline relay to customise the dimming range and maximise capability with dimmable lights and lamps. This feature reduces the risk flickering at lower dimming levels. The eight step rotary switch it features can adjust the lower end of the dimming range of lights, lamps and bulbs; it can also be used to increase the compatibility of all dimmable leds. This inline relay can be easily paired with all the LightwaveRF remote controls, and it can also be linked to six separate transmitters.

LightwaveRF Home Automation System is an amazing technology that will allow you to remotely manage and control all of your home devices, heating system and lighting. Not only that it provides you full operation controls, but it also allows you to monitor your energy consumption. It provides detailed feedbacks about every device and how they consume energy, giving you the opportunity to adjust and save a tremendous amount of energy and reduce your electricity bills. With detailed planning and creativity, you can place every module, switch and other devices to strategic locations at home to maximise the energy you can save and increase the amount of money you can spare.

Product Features:

● Suitable for operating and dimming LEDs or Halogen loads up to 250 watts
● Features a rotary switch to customise dimming range of LED bulbs
● Rotary switch can be used to maximise the compatibility with dimmable LED bulbs
● It reduces the risk of flickering at lower dimming levels
● Built with eight step rotary switch to adjust the lower end of the dimming range of bulbs
● Perfectly compatible with all the LightwaveRF remote controls
● Manage home lighting using web-enabled devices such a smartphones and tablets

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