LightwaveRF Professional Radiator Valve Kit (Pack of Three) – WiFi TRV

Technical Details:

● Model Number: JSJSLW944
● Dimensions: 9.5 x 7 x 6.5 cm
● Item Weight: 313 g
● Color: White
● Voltage: 3V (2 x AA)
● Radio Frequency: 868 Mhz

The LightwaveRF Heating Range is a professional series that features advanced state of the art electronic devices built with the high-performance AMR processors. This heating range is consists of the core devices such as the Home Thermostat and Radiator Valve. The thermostat is the device where you control the radiator valves to set them to the preferred temperature. LightwaveRF JSJSLW94 is a three pack radiator valves that can be remotely controlled or managed via the home thermostat. They can also be controlled using a remote control or web-enabled gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, laptops or PC, as long you have the LightwaveRF Web Link. These radiator valves are battery powered, and they have a built-in notification system that will inform you if the valves are low on battery, so you won’t have to check them regularly for their status.

With the LightwaveRF Home Automation System, you can easily monitor and operate these radiator valves and set your preferred temperature anywhere in the world! You can also set schedules every month or week when your heating system should be active. From your office, you can turn on your heating system in advance so that when you arrive home, the temperature is already set to your preference. LightwaveRF also provides you with the significant details regarding the energy consumption of your heating system and other devices which allow you to minimise the wasted electricity and lower the cost of electricity.

LightwaveRF radiator valves are installed the same way as the standard heating fixtures; it does not require any additional requirements. All you have to do is to replace the current head use the provided adaptors to make sure it will fit; then they are ready to go. A quick and easy installation process that you can do by yourself.

Product Features:

● Radiator is controlled by the home thermostat or via the LightwaveRF smartphone app
● Control and set heating schedules from any part of the world
● Create and store personalised profiles with specific heating settings or schedules
● Allows you to save energy by only heating the rooms you need to
● Boost button feature to increase radiator temperature for a fixed period
● Quick and easy install feature

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