LightwaveRF – Heating Controls

LightwaveRF Remote Heating Controls

LightwaveRF heating range is a professional series that features advanced electronic devices equipped with the high-performance ARM processor. The heating system includes thermostatic radiator valves the work directly in combination with boiler switches to provide a fully remote controlled heating system. As an incredibly low-cost remote heating control system, LightwaveRF allows you to individually control each radiator using remote controls or the LightwaveRF App to control heating from phone. This feature allows you to set different heating levels in various rooms using a single switch or central command centre. With the LightwaveRF heating system, you will have the option of creating and storing personalised heating profiles for each room in your home.

As the most affordable way of implementing a home automation and heating system, LightwaveRF allows you to manipulate each and every radiator using a wire-free switch, remote control or the LightwaveRF free App. This state of the art system allows you to manage and monitor your heating system and each device individually from any part of the world with web access. A very convenient way of setting up the temperature for every room.

This heating system will also enable you to set up and manage your heating from the comfort of your armchair. Create and store heating profiles through the LightwaveRF wire-free switch, handheld remote control or the free LightwaveRF App. You can also configure your heating profile in real time using magnetic triggers to detect open doors and windows that will immediately turn down radiators wifi TRV. Save energy by applying plenty of automation methods you can use through the Lightwave Smart Home System.

Offering extreme convenience and full control over your heating devices, LightwaveRF also allows you to maximise the monitoring feature. Having a device that logs every activity and energy consumption of your lighting, heating and electrical devices will provide you with an idea of how much electricity you consume and how much energy is wasted. With this vital information, you will have the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to save energy and eventually reduce your electricity bill. A great feature that makes LightwaveRF a great home investment that is very beneficial in the future.

The LightwaveRF heating system consists three core devices, the thermostat, smart radiator valve and the boiler switch; these devices will allow you to set up a thorough and efficient system. Additionally, LightwaveRF also has extra heating devices such as the electric switch, magnetic trigger and the heating remote to further enhance your heating system that enables you to set up an automated process. These extra devices will also help you save energy and lessen the wasted energy of your heating devices.

As one of UK’s most affordable home automation system in the market, LightwaveRF is a modular system that provides homeowners to have full control over their home lighting, wifi heating controls and power. It is a smart home system that can start small and be expanded by adding modules and pairing them with the existing network. It is a great home investment that will save you a tremendous amount of energy and greatly reduce the cost of your electricity.