LightwaveRF 1 Gang 1 Way 250W Master Light Dimmer Switch – White

Technical Details:

● Model Number: JSJSLW400WH
● Dimensions: 8.8 x 2.8 x 8.8 cm
● Item Weight: 118 g
● Finish: White
● Voltage: 230V
● Wattage: 250 Watts
● Radio Frequency: 433.9 Mhz
● Max Controllers: 6
● Package Inclusions: 1 x Dimmer Switch
Fittings and Fixings
Installation Manual

The LightwaveRF JSJSLW400WH Master Light Dimmer Switch is one of the latest range of intelligent switches from LightwaveRF. Available in white, stainless steel, chrome and black chrome finishes, these dimmers look and operate like any other standard light fittings with a built-in LightwaveRF technology. This state of the art technology is what makes these dimmers so unique. The technology allows you to operate these dimmer switches wirelessly, using wire-free switches and handheld remote controls. You can even operate these dimmers remotely using a PC, smartphone, iPhone, iPad or tablet through the LightwaveRF App anywhere with web access. Allowing you to control your home lighting from any part of the world!

These new 400 series dimmer switches including the JSJSLW400WH model are compatible with a vast range of dimmable LED lamps and lights. Each of these smart dimmers is a standalone unit that can be integrated with others, allowing you to set personalised lighting moods or sequences for any room. Setting up and storing lighting moods or sequences with these dimmers will only take you a few seconds, you can also recall stored moods and sequences with a single touch of the button. This master light dimmer switch is also suitable for two-operation. However, you will need to use a slave dimmer switch for two-way operation. These dimmer switches fit the standard 35mm back box, and they are very easy to install. Installed the way the standard light fittings are installed, they don’t require additional wirings or cables.

LightwaveRF JSJSLW400WH Master Light Dimmer Switch is not compatible with the 200 slaves dimmer series, using this master dimmer switch will require you to use the 400 slave dimmer series of LightwaveRF. To control this dimmer and other devices using your smartphone, iPhone, tablet or PC, you also have to install the Web Link.

Product Features:

● Remotely control your lighting using a smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet or PC
● Set up and save lighting moods and scenarios with LightwaveRF remote controls
● Suitable for two-way operation (requires a two-way slave dimmer unit)
● Available in white, stainless steel, chrome and black chrome finish
● Fit the standard back box with depth of 35mm
● Compatible with a vast range of dimmable LED lights and lamps
● Standalone unit that can be integrated with other dimmers and devices

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