LightwaveRF 1 Gang 1 Way 250W Master Light Dimmer Switch – Chrome

Technical Details:

● Model Number: JSJSLW400C
● Dimensions: 8.8 x 2.8 x 8.8 cm
● Item Weight: 118 g
● Finish: Chrome
● Voltage: 230V
● Wattage: 250 Watts
● Radio Frequency: 433.9 Mhz
● Max Controllers: 6
● Package Inclusions: 1 x Dimmer Switch, Fittings and Fixings, Installation Manual

The newly improved JSJSLW400C Master Light Dimmer Switch is an upgraded version of the LW200 range of dimmer switch developed by LightwaveRF. Available in white, chrome, stainless steel and black chrome finishes, this dimmer switch presents a stylish and high-end look that will easily fit into any home design. It functions and appears like any other standard light fixture. However, this switch is designed with a built-in state of the art LightwaveRF technology. The technology will allow you to remotely operate this switch using a LightwaveRF handheld remote control or a wire-free switch. You can even control or operate this switch globally, as long as you have web access!

This newly improved master light dimmer switch is compatible with a huge range of dimmable lights and lamps in the market. JSJSLW400C is a standalone switch that can be integrated with other units and LightwaveRF devices that allow you to set up various lighting moods and scenarios for any room. Personalised lighting scenarios or moods that you can configure and store in just a few seconds and recall them in just a touch of a button. Suitable for two-way operations, this switch is an intelligent device that can be extended to a larger lighting network that can be set up to different moods and scenarios to create a comfortable ambience in each room.

LightwaveRF JSJSLW400C Master Light Dimmer Switch fits into a standard 35mm back box and installed the same way how the standard light fittings are done. So the installation of this switch is very straightforward, and it does not require extra wirings or cables needed.

Note: Extending this switch for two-way operations will require you to use a compatible slave unit such as JSJSLW450, JSJSLW452 and JSJSLW455 slave dimmer switches. Using an LW200 slave dimmer series won’t work with this master switch. To control or operate this switch using a smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet or PC you will need to have the Web Link and the App.

Product Features:

● Remotely control home lighting using a smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet or PC
● Set up and store lighting moods and scenarios with a handheld remote control
● Available in white, black chrome, chrome and stainless steel finishes
● Fits into a standard 35mm back box and does not require extra wires and cables
● Suitable for two-way operation (needs a compatible slave unit for two-way)
● Compatible with a broad range of dimmable LED lamps or lights in the market

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