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LightwaveRF Home Automation Lighting – Remote Control Light Switches

The LightwaveRF wireless light switch range is high-end designer WiFi light switch devices that come in white, stainless steel, black chrome and chrome finishes to fit any home design scheme. State of the art dimmer switches that are compatible with a vast range of dimmable LED lamps or lights available in the market. Installed the same way as any standard, high-class light fitting, these dimmer switches use all existing wiring circuits and fit into a standard 35mm back box to provide quick and easy installation. These battery powered remote control light switches can be operated manually or remotely using any LightwaveRF remote control or via the LightwaveRF App.

Two-way remote dimmer switches appear the same way how the standard dimmer switch look. However, they are designed to be used as a slave to perform two-way switching operations. These two-way dimmer switches need a to be a slave to a standard dimmer that will serve as the master, to make the two-way process work. Even the standard dimmers also need these slave dimmers to suit for a two-way operation.

A master wireless light switch can accommodate up to six slaves of two-way dimmers or up to six gangs using multi-gang two-way dimmers. They can be connected directly to the master, or they can also be connected to each other like a ‘daisy chain’. It is a great alternative to using intermediate switches. These LightwaveRF two-way slave dimmers are not suitable to be used in conjunction with any UK standard light switch, it will severely damage internal electronics and may lead to more unwanted incidents.

The new LightwaveRF 400 dimmer series are not compatible with the 200 dimmer switches. When using a 400 series dimmer switch such as the LW400, LW420, LW430 and LW440 as the master switch. The 400 series of two-way smart light switch should also be used to enable two-way operations. Two-way dimmers such as LW450, LW452 and LW455. That will also mean that using the older LightwaveRF 200 dimmer series requires a 200 slave two-way dimmer series.

For these remote light switches to be managed and controlled using a web-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, laptop or PC, the Lightwave Link is required. Without the Web Link, the commands from the LightwaveRF App won’t be passed through these dimmers for these devices to carry out. The Web Link is the key of the LightwaveRF system, and it is a crucial device for its wireless operation.

With the amazing LightwaveRF technology, homeowners will have full control over their lighting, heating and power. It is a home automation system that allows every homeowner to manage all of their devices from any part of the globe, with web access. The LightwaveRF smart home system also allows the homeowners to monitor their home energy consumption, providing the crucial data shows the behaviour of each device and the amount of energy they consume. Having this information, gives the homeowner the upper hand to make the necessary adjustments to save a tremendous amount of energy and substantially reduce the electricity bill. It is an incredible technology that provides extreme convenience and helps you save money.