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LightwaveRF Smart Home System

One of the UK based company specialising in smart home products or home automation is LightwaveRF. Compared to other firms in the same industry, LightwaveRF appears to be in the middle ground when it comes to the products they offer. They offer a lot lesser sensors compared to SmartThings. But on the other hand, they offer a lot more sockets and switches to allow homeowners to fully integrate the home automation system into their home, completely transforming every house into a smart home. It may seem to be a less comprehensive system compared to Z-wave, but it’s also a cheaper and easier option.

LightwaveRF home automation system mainly focuses on three key areas, Lighting, Heating and Power, then a control unit that will serve as the central command centre of the system. To be able to understand how this state of the art technology works, here is a brief explanation of each section and the devices needed to get started automating your home with LightwaveRF. Continue reading