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LightwaveRF Opened a Channel in IFTTT

The LightwaveRF Home Automation System just opened a channel on IFTTT. Opening a plenty of great opportunities with regards to smart home technology. With this new channel, you can control your home functions such as lighting, heating and power via a huge variety of recipes, as long as you have the Lightwave Link Hub. You can manage your home functions using pre-made recipes or by selecting choosing events from a list of items such as Nest devices, calendar entries, emails and more!

This great move of LightwaveRF is a great leap to expanding the range of their system. As they continue to produce excellent and reliable products, they also continue to strive for excellence by looking for great opportunities to make them even better. This partnership will furtherly raise the standards of home automation to boost the potential of energy and time-saving features of excellent smart home products.