Giving Your Home Interior A New Look by Using Good Lighting

When it comes to interior designs, designers are equipped with plenty of tools in their disposal. And one of these tools is a very simple trick that is often overlooked despite the great potential it offers. This underrated tool that offers a lot of great potentials is lighting, as simple as it may sound, lighting tricks is a very powerful tool that can transform your home interior from boring to amazing. Considered as a double edge tool, lighting effects can either make or break your interior design schemes.

Although it presents a lot of risks that may ruin the interior look, it is a tool that allows the designer’s personality to shine. Leaving a unique mark of personal touch that can’t be seen by our naked eyes. Good lighting enables a designer or homeowner to highlight the special features of a room or area. Lighting effects also allow the homeowners to showcase every detail of a room. So that makes proper lighting an essential element to achieve amazing interior designs and excellent ambience. Continue reading

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LightwaveRF Smart Home System

One of the UK based company specialising in smart home products or home automation is LightwaveRF. Compared to other firms in the same industry, LightwaveRF appears to be in the middle ground when it comes to the products they offer. They offer a lot lesser sensors compared to SmartThings. But on the other hand, they offer a lot more sockets and switches to allow homeowners to fully integrate the home automation system into their home, completely transforming every house into a smart home. It may seem to be a less comprehensive system compared to Z-wave, but it’s also a cheaper and easier option.

LightwaveRF home automation system mainly focuses on three key areas, Lighting, Heating and Power, then a control unit that will serve as the central command centre of the system. To be able to understand how this state of the art technology works, here is a brief explanation of each section and the devices needed to get started automating your home with LightwaveRF. Continue reading

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The Top Ten Benefits of a Smart Home

Nowadays it seems nothing is impossible when it comes to technology, almost everything is wireless and advanced. Brimming with technological advancements that we can utilise at our fingertips, making our lives easier. Living in a fast-paced generation involves plenty of aspects in our everyday lives, where technology plays a role in every part of our lives including our home. In the recent years, advancements in making our homes smarter.

Where homeowners can run their homes remotely using web-enabled gadgets such as smartphones and iPads. However, converting a house into a smart home can be very expensive. But if you look closely, a home automation system can be very beneficial; it presents plenty of great advantages that a homeowner can gain. To give you an idea, here are some of the benefits of a smart home. Continue reading

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Reasons to Consider Automating Your Home

Home automation is all about convenience, comfort and home security. A favourable lifestyle that allows you to exert less effort and gain maximum efficiency. It is an amazing technological advancement that allows gives you full control over your home lighting, heating and power. A smart home system is a setup that brings you convenient and comfortable control to your fingertips.

With home automation, you will have full control over your lighting, entertainment components, appliances, heating devices, air conditioning, communication, security and more! Manage all of your home lighting and electronic devices from anywhere, remotely and automatically. That’s a smart home has to offer. Continue reading

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Creating A Home Security System with Home Automation

One great thing about having a home automation system installed is providing you with the ability to give any of your home devices multiple purposes. With a touch of creativity, thorough planning and a bit of imagination, you can transform any device to the more useful home appliance. An excellent example of this is by making use of lights to simulate occupancy when you’re away from home. You can also use a small speaker or radio to make it appear someone’s at home. All those things are achievable when you have a smart home system installed.

Most of us want to secure our possessions and assets as well as our family. Having a standard alarm is proven to be useful, but it won’t be enough. Sometimes people tend to ignore small alarm noises, and for smarter burglars or trespassers it can’t be a that of a problem with them. Given that fact, a personalised security system may be your best bet. A much better security system that will inform you whatever out of the ordinary happens. Continue reading


LightwaveRF Opened a Channel in IFTTT

The LightwaveRF Home Automation System just opened a channel on IFTTT. Opening a plenty of great opportunities with regards to smart home technology. With this new channel, you can control your home functions such as lighting, heating and power via a huge variety of recipes, as long as you have the Lightwave Link Hub. You can manage your home functions using pre-made recipes or by selecting choosing events from a list of items such as Nest devices, calendar entries, emails and more!

This great move of LightwaveRF is a great leap to expanding the range of their system. As they continue to produce excellent and reliable products, they also continue to strive for excellence by looking for great opportunities to make them even better. This partnership will furtherly raise the standards of home automation to boost the potential of energy and time-saving features of excellent smart home products.